Container movement systems

The HETEK heavy duty rollers are suitable for moving containers on paved ground. The attachment of the rollers from below in the ISO corners ensures high stability. The side openings of the ISO corners remain free for other uses. In combination with HETEK leveling supports and the universal adaptation for different container heights, the containers can be fitted with heavy-duty rollers and moved without the need for a crane or forklift.

Lifting gantries combine the functions of lifting systems with heavy duty rollers in a single device. This allows the truck and the immediate movement of the container in the workshop. A hall or truck crane is thus superfluous. This type of procedure offers a considerable time advantage, especially for emergencies. In addition, containers can also be maneuvered in this way in very tight spaces. Additional auxiliary wheels on each chassis enable the lifting gates to be positioned quickly and easily.

Lifting wheels are suitable for moving containers up to 17 t on less paved and less level ground. It is attached from the side in the ISO corners. The container can be easily maneuvered and moved by various vehicles. Lifting wheels can also be used to load small containers and structures onto cargo planes.


Lifting wheels type 507

Lifting wheels series 507 up to 500mm stroke are suitable...

Heavy duty rollers type 267

Device for moving of the containers and functional modules with...

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