Hoist rental

If you only need one of our hoists for a certain period of time or if it is not worthwhile for you to purchase one, we can offer you a range on loan.

Our rental equipment meets the requirements of the relevant accident prevention regulations (DGUV regulation 54). Please note that the operator (in this case the customer who borrows our equipment) is responsible for the proper use of the lifting equipment (§ 24 DGUV regulation 54).

We therefore recommend that you have the handling carried out by us (HETEK then assumes this responsibility) or at least have us instruct you in the handling.

Examples of applications and handling situations where we can help you with our rental hoists and lifting equipment:


You want to move and maneuver your container on paved ground (hall or yard). The use of cranes or large forklifts is not possible, e.g. due to low passageways or hall ceilings. It should be possible to mount and dismount the castors independently of other aids.


The combination of HETEK heavy-duty castors in conjunction with levelling supports and a universal adaptation for different container heights offers you the option of independently fitting and moving your container weighing up to 16 t with castors.

Lifting System Type 260

Lifting device for containers up to 15 tons total weight. Lifting system consisting of 4 individual...


You have a stock of ISO containers and need to move them between different locations where the containers remain for a certain period of time (e.g. in parts logistics, for relocations, mobile test benches). You transport by truck and have to load and unload the container. This should be possible independently of a truck-mounted crane and, if possible, be carried out by the driver of the truck alone or at most with the help of a second person.


A set-down system offers you this independent loading option up to a weight of 12 tons. Type 260-1430045 is suitable for various ISO container heights and for either front or side mounting on the container.

267/C 000 0

Device for moving of the containers and functional modules with ISO-corners on paved ground Roller...

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