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HETEK products are designed and built for normative life of at least 10 years or more. Therefore, we do not leave you after purchasing our products and offer you the global service. With maintenance, inspections, repairs, training, education, repair work in our company and spare parts, we can still help you 15 years after the purchase to keep your equipment in good working condition.

Our products are subject to the regulations for lifting devices. These obligates the user according to the Employment Protection Act and Ordinance on Industrial Safety to organize the inspection of his lifting and levelling equipment at regular intervals by a competent person. We recommend you to have the work done by us as a manufacturer.

Our service offers you:

  • Statutory audits after Ordinance on Industrial Safety acc. EU rules
  • Operator training
  • Training to proficiency testing acc. EU rules in our products
  • Maintenance and repairs on site
  • Maintenance work of our hoisting equipment

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