Functional units

Functional units can be used in a wide variety of ways. Therefore, these systems have gained in importance in recent years. As a rule, they have a uniform interface to a carrier vehicle and are designed, for example, as a crew transporter, medical module, workshop structure, water cannon.

Lifting systems are used in order to be able to swap the functional units in operation on the vehicle as required, independently of other lifting equipment.

The modules vary greatly in design, and the depositing systems used are tailored accordingly. The functional units are usually exchanged at the base camp. Alternatively, our depositing systems can also be carried in storage and transport racks.

This means that the corresponding module can also be removed for use in the field, for example. It is also possible to use our depositing systems for on-top operation to stabilize the module on the vehicle.

Lifting Systems

Lifting System Type 297 for function modules

Depositing systems of 297 series are modular designed for ease the handling and one system is usually used for several modules.

Lifting System Type 296 for armoured functional module

Modular depositing system with 24 VDC electric drive, without automatic position control, with plug-in tubes...

Levelling Supports

Levelling support type 262 for different adaptation solutions, up to 6 t total weight

eveling jacks series 262 are manufactured in various modifications and with different interfaces

Levelling support type 272 for containers with ISO corners up to max. 16t total weight

The supports series 272 are locked into the ISO corners and are characterized by high operating convinience of use and reliability.

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