Our products have proven themselves world-wide and incorporate a balanced mix of traditional and innovative design elements, which forms the basis oft he high quality of our lifting equipment “made in Germany”.

We also provide high-quality after-sales service and guarantee spare part availability for a long period of time.

Our modern CAD and production technology also allows us to reliably adapt and integrate our standard hoisting equipment to fit your mobile systems. We place great value on closely collaborating with our customers and are able to work with all types of editable drawing file formats.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management and EN 1090 welding quality management systems guarantee avery high level of product safety.

All of our products are furthermore function-tested with extremely high loads before delivery, and these tests are documented in detail.

Those of our products that are manufactured for the military sector are furnished with NATO stock numbers (NSN), which allows them to be clearly identified and traced back to the original manufacturer.

Whatever you are planning -

we support you and your project.

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