Lifting systems

The unloading of a heavy container or functional module from the truck and the subsequent loading, without the aid of a crane or forklift, can only take place if a mobile lifting system is available on site.

A lifting system consists of four individual supports. Each individual support has a carrying capacity that corresponds to half of the total system carrying capacity.

Characteristic of the HETEK supports is the drive in which the encapsulated spindle is protected from sand and dust within the telescopic tubes.

The supports are usually installed using the ISO corners on the container or functional module, but we also offer a number of alternative locking options.

In addition to our standard range of lifting systems, we offer individual special solutions according to customer requirements. Versions as a pull-out lifting system with a space requirement of just 200 mm between the container and driver's cab and air-conditioned control boxes for use in desert areas are just a few examples

With increasing requirements, for example for increased ballistic protection, the containers are getting heavier, which is why we increased the maximum system load capacity of our lifting systems to 24 tons a few years ago. A lifting height of up to a maximum of 2,000 mm is feasible for special vehicles.

Safe lifting and lowering is guaranteed by the use of automatic levelling, which enables loading parallel to the ground in uneven terrain. In this way, the inclination of the container is automatically compensated for during the entire process and the electric drive is switched off if the maximum permissible inclination is exceeded.

With the duplex process, we ensure corrosion protection at the highest level.


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